Links to puppetry, supplies, and other absolute necessities


History of Puppetry and Puppet Theater is an excellent condensed history of this amazing craft and features a top twenty list of puppetry resources. Highly recommended by fellow puppeteer Maggie!

The Puppetry Home Page Rose Sage's extensive list of Puppetry Organizations, Puppetry Festivals, Puppetry Definitions, Using Puppetry, Puppetry Traditions Around the World, Puppetry Schools, Workshops and Internships, Puppetry Exhibits amd Museums, Puppet Building and Building Materials, Puppet Builders and Sellers, Performers and Performance Companies, and Other Puppetry Sites and Resources.

Center for Puppetry Arts Museum By Catherine Fox, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Visitors can explore the puppetry art form offstage in the Center for Puppetry Arts renovated museum.

LovikWorld: Flexi-Fowl Puppetry Characters Lovik Work presents - Flexi-Fowl Puppetry Characters: Bird Brained Professionals designed to keep everyone rolling in the aisles.

Axtell Expressions, Inc. Designer puppets. News, catalog, offers, questions, television, & toys.

TCS - Puppet FX Here at TCS, puppetry plays an enormous part in bringing our characters to life. Virtually all of our creations employ some form of puppetry, from the highest-tech Waldo®-controlled animatronic puppet to low-tech non-animatronic "hand-in-sock" creatures.

Supplies and Other Absolute Necessities

American Science & Surplus science and hobby kits, motors, tools and electrical components, educational and office supplies, even wacky novelties and toys for playing, experimenting, inventing or building.

Archie McPhee: Outfitters of Popular Culture since 1986. They've got rubber chickens, bizarre candy, voodoo dolls, animals of all shapes and sizes, gargoyles, and a seemingly endless array of things so strange and indescribably fantastic that they must be experienced to be believed.